current work: 2009-2010


hosta triptych 48x48

spring 2009

“hosta series triptych spring 2009” three 12”x12” panels

the works measure 20” x 20” in frame; 60” overall.  this is one work, the always important final triptych of series.

current work’ is that which remains a part of concerns i am at present actively working through in my work.  these are serious pieces but not yet a set part of my catalogue.

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the continuing groups of ‘hosta series’, begun at Venture in the spring of 2006 after the return from the residency the Masterworks Foundation in Bermuda, have gone through three evolutions.

the most recent group of the series, of which two triptychs are shown below , begun in early spring of 2009, were represented at the Philadelphia Sketch Club in april 2009.

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the ‘hosta triptych-spring 2009’ measures 168”  (three panels-56”x56” in frame).

Below: enlarged views of each 48” x 48” painting.  this is the major work of the series.